Vadodara is probably the sweetest city to live in; large enough for us to spend our leisure time in different ways and small enough to feel like  family. Students flock every year to study in our city and they are the reason the city stays vibrant even in the dry moments. We love all these moments and so here is a list of things that happen when you study in vadodara

1) Pavagadh, champaner, sindhrod, rasalpur, hathini mata and vananchal , you know these places like the back of your palm cause you create lot of stories there.

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2) Everyone rushes to the saffron tower to get notes during exams



3) There cannot be a time when you don’t run into your old school or tuition friends on happy street.


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4) Variety, shambhoos and goodies never go old even when you run out of ideas for the perpetual question: where to eat?


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5) You wait patiently for navratri to dance to the garbas of Atul purohit


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6) you see your sports counterparts at polo ground, pavillion and khel mahakumbh


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7)  Ratribazaar is the savior for midnight hunger pangs after late night group studies and meetups.

our vadodara

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8) when you know MSU BBAites and the faculty of social work cant get enough of themselves and everyone is jealous of the MSU Arts canteen

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9) When you remember your events in CC Mehta and Gandhinagar gruh and sayajinagar gruh.


10)  Food after bunking college brings  Mahakali Sevusal, Vishal sandwich, Tasty vadapav  to your mind


Image Via :- Krishna Shah