The City of Dreams not only fulfills your career dreams, but it also fulfills the dreams of foodies that come from around India to visit, Mumbai. As we know Mumbai has been famous for it’s Vada-pav and Pav-Bhaji (Funny how both dishes have ‘PAV’ in their names). Vada-pav’s birth place is Mumbai and so it holds the glory.

Here’s a list of places and foods you must try when you visit Mumbai:

1) The Vada-Pav


Vada-Pav is a delicacy in Mumbai. It will be delicious no matter from where you eat one from in Mumbai. Aaswad Uphar and Mithai Ghruh has the best delicious Vada-Pavs. This place has all the Maharashtrian items and South Indian dishes on their menu. This place is located at LJ Road, Dadar West. Do visit!

2) Kheema Pav:


Another dish that has ‘Pav’ in it. We all love to eat kheema with pav at home, but have you tried the Mumbai style Kheema Pav or Kheema and Seekh Parathas? Kheema and Seekh Parathas are something no Non-vegetarian is going to say no to! It’s even more interesting that you can find this dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner on most streets of Mumbai.

3) Great Hot Dogs:


Between Breads located at Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai is known to serve some giant meat sandwiches with two patties in between buns. Loved by meat lovers which sells delicious food.

4) Pav-Bhaji:


Pav-Bhaji is made delicious in all over Mumbai. There’s no particular place which has the most delicious Pav-Bhaji stall or a restaurant. It was known before that Juhu beaches’ Pav-Bhaji is famous in all over Mumbai. Now newer places have emerged. From a little distance of Mumbai Central station is a place known as ‘Sardar’, where you will find a crowd waiting for their plates to be served.

5) Chicken Tikka Rolls:


If you are a late night visitor to stalls to have tea and eat some food, then you should definitely visit Bademiya, located behind the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. They serve hot and juicy chicken tikkas in a wrap!

6) Juhu Chowpati:


As I said before food on Juhu beach is famous for not just it’s deliciousness but also because you get to sit on the beautiful beach, set yourself in a calm enviornment and enjoy delicious food in your hands. Juhu Chowpati is not only famous for its’ Pav-Bhaji but also pani-puri, bhel-puri, juices, vada-pavs and many more Maharashtrian items.

7) The Bombay-Duck:


It’s a fish found in waters of Mumbai. You will find this fish in all non-vegetarian restaurants of Mumbai. The fish is dipped in a spiced batter and fried. It’s deliciousness comes from the crunchiness, flavored form outside and juicy and soft from inside.

8) Mexicana!


If you are a sucker of Mexican Food, you should visit Sanchos Restaurante & Cantina located on PD Hindulja Road, Bandra West. This place not only serves the best Mexican food but the ambiance and interiors is too good.

9) Hearsch Bakery

hearsch bakery

Right from mutton samosas to puffs, burgers, rice, rolls and sweet dish items, everything is made fresh and is a famous place for all age-groups. This is a popular destination for some people and some are their regular customers. It’s delicious with good price. Located at 90/A, Next to Holy Family Hospital,Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

10) Britannia Restaurant – Parsi Food


Their best dishes are Mutton Berry Pulav, Chicken Berry Pulav, Veg Dhansak and SaliBoti. This restaurant has been running for more than 80 years and it’s not just eat and go place, but the owner Mr. Boman Kohinoor, has also set some disciplinary rules for his guests at the restaurant. It doesn’t hurt to behave with manners, does it? Instructions range from ‘Please vacate your seat after receiving the bill’ to ‘Please understand that others are waiting’ and ‘Please switch off your mobiles and any other electronic gadgets’. And people like the trade-off!For, Kohinoor has a letter from the Queen of England herself, appreciating the meal.