Buying a gift for a college student can be a daunting task. Whether they are just fresh from college or about to graduate, they are in their beginning stages of adulthood. This means that their preferences are more polished to stuff that makes their lives easier.

These gifts for students range from gadgets, gift cards, clothing and appliances that they use every day. Students will also appreciate when you create memorable experiences such as throwing an end-of-year party or any outdoor activities.

To help you find a gift they’ll love, here is a list of ten gift ideas for students.

10 Gift Ideas for Students1) Bluetooth headphones

College students need the ability to play music from their phone without connecting to a cable or a cord. Bluetooth headphones solve that problem without being too extravagant. They will use them at the gym, at the library, commuting to class and internships.

2) Waterproof portable Bluetooth speakers

Most students like relaxing with their friends over music at huge parties and small gatherings. Having a waterproof portable speaker comes in handy on such occasions. Waterproof speakers are also perfect gift ideas for students as they can withstand spills and accidents.

3) Trendy Water bottle

There are several water bottles to choose from that are on-trend when getting gifts for students. A plus is an assurance that your student will stay hydrated.

4) Mini refrigerator

A mini-fridge is the most covetable item, especially for most first-year students. This is a great gift idea as it will serve the student for at least three years.

5) Comfortable Footwear and clothing

Comfortable footwear and clothing are great gift ideas that are often appreciated by students in all seasons.

Sophisticated Boots

You can go for high-quality boots available in the market that will serve a student for longer.

Cozy socks

Gifting a student a pair of wool socks is a practical and comfy gift. They are also a perfect gift for the winter.

Fleece sweaters

They are very comfortable and trendy gift ideas for students. Something oversized and fluffy especially comes in handy during the cold days on campus.

Flannel slippers

A good pair of shower shoes are a great gift idea for a student. They are also useful in protecting their feet from dirty dorm floors.

6) Gift cards/subscription payment

What a cash-strapped student needs most is money. A way to gift your students is to give them gift cards to their favorite restaurants, transportation, school books or subscription to their favorite websites.

A cash gift card can help them with access to online resources that give premium quality culture essays to relieve some stress that comes with school work. The services offer writing work ranging from thesis to college essays at affordable prices.

7) Affordable electronic gifts

Students appreciate electronic gifts that make their lives easier on campus.

Power bank/portable charger

This is a good multipurpose gift. It is convenient for traveling, stalled subway rides or night outs. It will also give students the confidence in knowing that they cannot get stuck somewhere unfamiliar with a dead phone or laptop.

Mini tilt projector

This is a perfect entertaining gift for college students. By the way, you can find interesting research topics in 2020 about it. Having one will score them many cool points with their peers. They can use this for hosting movie nights for large groups or just a few friends.

Long charging cable

An extra-long power cord is a godsend to anyone living in a dorm. Dorms often have sparse outlets and furniture is usually pushed upon any of the useful outlets. Long charging cables increase accessibility to power, no matter where the student is and they will not have to sit at the foot of their beds to reach it.

Gift Ideas for Students8) Pocket knife

This is a great gift to give a student instead of a bulky toolbox. This multipurpose tool comes in handy in the dorm and when traveling.

9) Scented candles

Fancy scented candles are essential in creating an inviting atmosphere in their dorm rooms. They also cover up unpleasant smells. A scented candle that reminds them of a home is also a good thing to have around on those days they feel homesick.

10) Memorable experiences

There is a lot of hard work that comes with being a student. Students will appreciate the extra effort you take to create memorable experiences for them outside school such as organizing hiking trips, an end-of-year school party or offering all-expense-paid holidays.

With the online resources available, these activities take minimal effort to organize. For example, you can go through Xmas party ideas for students and throw a memorable party for them and their friends.


A good gift can make a big impact in the life of a college student. The above useful gifts can make a world of difference in their quality of life. A good gift especially means a lot to them if they could use it frequently and if it was something that they couldn’t afford on their own. These are just a few gifts ideas that any college student would appreciate. Above all, anything that helps them out will be much appreciated, even if it is something that brings them comfort far away from home. It is the thought that counts.

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