10+ Clothing Items Which Are Totally Absurd And Genius At The Same Time

No matter what your style and taste for fashion is, there is a plethora of amazing clothes that will satisfy each and every taste.

However, there aren’t only useful and beautiful pieces of clothing out there. Some people wouldn’t simply settle for ordinary, simple and proper clothing but rather they would go for unique outfits, no matter the price.

Out of all the weirdness on the Internet, some of the following clothing items are totally absurd and useless that they had to be pointed out, courtesy of Diply.

1. This hands-free purse that we aren’t quite sure what we think of.

So, maybe it was meant to be a purse but a backpack as well. Or… I don’t know maybe some of the moms especially would embrace this one.

2. This cowboy-boot-and-sandal hybrid is perfect for the beach-loving cowboy in your life.

You have to be yourself even if the weather conditions make it almost impossible.

3. This jean jacket that takes the phrase “give someone the cold shoulder” 100% literally.

This is perfect for all those who love the old-school jean jacket but also want to show off their shoulders.

4. These pyjama bottoms that look like jeans, because who wouldn’t want to wear jeans to bed?

Except if you are really obsessed with jeans, there is no other valid reason for these to exist, right?

5. This off-the-shoulder dress shirt that has the added bonus of looking like it’s two dress shirts stitched together.

So, is this a new office look or just a design from someone who wanted to dress like Two-Face from Batman?

6. This purse that doubles as a tiny isolation chamber for two, because of course it does.

Even though this is a totally useless bag for the purpose that it is supposed to be, finally, you could have some time alone with your partner. Anywhere.

7. We all know that the best part of every sweater is its collar.

Since you only want to show off the collar and you won’t remove your jacket. Why bother right?

8. Do you love sandals but worry about having cold ankles? Well, look no further.

Well, only if you tend to have really hot toes, otherwise, why?

9. You no longer have to decide between wearing your baggy jeans or your baggy jean shorts.

Now, you have the chance to wear them both at the same time.

10. Because who wouldn’t want to wear giant pair of jeans as a jumpsuit.

But, why? The regular jeans overalls are really more than perfect.

11. Have you ever pulled on your skinny jeans in the morning and thought to yourself, “Ugh, not enough frills!”

This is totally unnecessary, useless and unfashionable.

12. I literally have no idea about what is going on with this romper.

Is this supposed to be your costume for the next carnival in town?

13. These jeans that I can only assume were designed by someone who hates fashion and people.

An absolute no. You can be simply more stunning in regular jeans, with nothing on…and off them.

14. This bra that I’m just super confused about.

A lot of questions and also no additional comments at the same time.

15. These extra long jeans that took cuffs to a whole other level.


16. And finally, these shoes that are the worst things I’ve ever seen with my eyes.

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