Everyone has one body part that they totally love and which is worth flaunting, Celebrities have multiple body parts that look attractive and beautiful. There has been a trend in recent years amongst celebrities that they get Insurance for their body parts and make it a trademark. Yes, you hear it right. There was a time when people started opting for Home Insurance, Car, life, and other things, Then came Insurance for security, and now Insurance for Body parts. We are not faking it. Check out the list of celebrities who have got their body parts insured & it is worth millions of dollars.

1) Miley Cyrus: Tongue insured for $1 million

Miley loves to show off her tongue to much that we want to protect it so se got it insured for $1 Million.

2) Kim Kardashian: Butt insured for $21 million

Kim Kardashian has one of the sexiest butt in the world, There is no question why she got her Butt insured for $21 million. Well, that is too much money!

3) Rihanna: Legs insured for $1 million

Rihanna has taken insurance for her legs for $1 Million, She has a badass image in public and doesn’t give shit to anyone in life. We like her attitude though.

4) Taylor Swift: Legs insured for $26.5 million

Well $26.5 million is too much money, But she is Taylor Swift, She has got the most beautiful tippy toes so she got it insured.

5) David Beckham: Legs insured for $70 million

We don’t have to explain who David Beckham is. The handsome hunk has insured his legs for a whopping $70 million. Yes, indeed his legs are the most precious part of his body, After all, football is his life.

6) Mariah Carey: Legs insured for $1 billion

Mariah is one of the most beautiful singers in the world, Gillette Razor conducted a campaign called ‘Legs of a Goddess’ with her and also insured her legs for $1 billion. Well, that is too much money.

7) Jennifer Lopez: Butt insured for $27 million

Jennifer started the all-new hot ‘Booty craze’ and we are not surprised that she is protecting her backside with $27 million insurance. Her butt deserves this as it is one of the best in the world.

8) Julia Roberts: Smile insured for $30 million

Well, she has a beautiful smile, Indeed it is worth getting insured for $30 million.

9) Daniel Craig: Full body insured for $9.5 million

Daniel Craig insured his body while shooting for the movie Quantum of Solace where he performed the stunts by himself.

10) Cristiano Ronaldo: Legs insured for $195 million

A lot of footballers have got their legs insurance and there is no doubt that Ronaldo should get it insured. He has got the best pair of legs and he is the best striking footballer the world has seen ever.