10 Amazing Illustrations Of Our Modern Society Which Reveals The Ugly Truth

Evolution has been taken place from a very old times and it evokes a new modern society, where technology is replacing old things but our society is still living in that orthodox mind. Generation to generation has been changed and it is revealed that we live in a modern society which describes the ugly truth of a society. It mostly highlights the issues and flaws of the present age. The Illustrator named Al Margen is showcasing the ugly truth of the modern society,and it is mainly focusing on to describe the harsh reality of our modern age.

When the list goes on

We live in a modern society, and it has taught us to live the life like a story or dream of having a luxurious life. where we are happy with the materialistic things and forget that we are still humans and life is unpredictable. because no one knows what happens next, but just want to forget the harsh reality.

This illustration is describing about the day to day life sources, where we prefer to make our wishes and dreams come true but our hunger for materialistic things will never stop and it keeps on going.

Face reality!

The reality we face everyday, that all are busy in making their life perfect or just want to show the world they can afford anything. But the ugly truth is everyone is behaving like an imposter but in reality they have their true self and they never want to show their other side of their image.

When Your Life Revolves Around it!

When you prefer to destroy yourself in the most easiest way, because your life does revolves around it, as no one will ever tell you to stop or make you realise that it would destroy the good side of a person. but it is the only thing that will destroy you rather than by others.

When You sacrifice yourself!

Fly high for those who doesn’t believe in sacrificing. As you know that the person who sacrifice himself for the sake of others is the only person suffering the most, so that the future can live a better life. As you know farmers work hard for their better future and sacrifice themselves so that the world be a better place and should not starve for it.

Ugly Technology!

When the technology was introduced, it just gave a new definition to our modern society that we can evolve from anything and humans are smarter than anyone on the earth. But it also made us lazy and it also made us believe that lies depicted through technology can never go wrong. And our own life revolves around new technology!

New Generation

Playing outside was the daily exercise and it really helps our body generate vitamins from the sun, but as the generation passed and new technology took place, we prefer our lives more on technology. Nowadays, kids prefer more to live their on technology rather than enjoying each moment. We are so bound to new technologies that we forget our lives beyond it.

Reality check!

We live in a modern society, where success is everything and without success no one can survive. it depicts that to gain success, you go to any extent even if it means to compromise the true self. Because money can’t buy happiness and but to buy success you need to go through some harsh phase.

Success is everything!

Life beyond material things is nothing and the modern society just prove that to gain success you need to push yourself little further even if it means to push someone down. Well this illustration which describes the ugly truth of the modern age where everyone wants to gain everything because success is everything and only politics can destroy someone else’s life.

Lack of orginality!

This modern society has some very harsh truth which describes that nowadays everything is fake and everything wants to gain popularity, even though it means to copy each other. Where no one believes in orginality because to gain success, you forget the humanity in yourself.


This society crave for success so much that we forget our life beyond this and it already depicted that people prefer to be workaholic rather than living up the moment. Where work related and peer pressure are so much that we forget to charge ourselves.

So these are the some of the harsh reality of the modern society.

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