13 Crazy Things That Occur In An Alcohol Party In Gujarat


Who says there is no Alcohol in the dry state of Gujarat, People are crazy for alcohol in Gujarat and are die hard party freaks. Today we have list of crazy things that happen in Alcohol party in Gujarat.

1) The whole scene sets when one friend says, Ghare Koi Nathi and your friends say chalo daru piye.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 7.19.31 pm

2) Calling your friend and saying daru padyu che k mara bootlegger pase mangau

asking for bootlegger phone number

3) Bhai bag lai avje daru ni bottle mukva mate

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 7.52.51 pm

4) Some friends prefer whiskey and some beer and gujju girls just love vodka, you get beer and that too Haywards for 150 rs and Royal Stag for 500 rs.

Now you will say yaar last time vada bootlegger nu daru tincher hatu, hu mara Army vada bootlegger pase thi mangau bottle.

beer or whiskey which is better

5) Now the next thing is to arrange biting, plastic glasses and cold drinks/soda from a local shop. Now there are times when the shopkeeper might say, bolo biju su apu biting ma .

Ice pack is the most common thing everyone needs, never forget it .

biting cold drinks and plastic glass for a party

6) Piva Mate jagya nu setting is very difficult, everyone waits for your mom dad to go out of town. Bhai kase setting na thau jagya nu toh mari agasi per apde pisujagya nu setting for party , need a place to party

7) Friend says, shanti rakhjo, bumabum nai karta, aaju baju vada kakdat kare che and tight thai ne lavari bilkul nai joie.

tight thai ne natak nai karvana

8) Jo bhailog ghar ma cigarette nai pivani, vaas rai jai che, balcony ma fuko jetli fukvi hoi 

ghar ma ciggerate nai pivani

9) There will be a friend who will not drink but will eat up app your biting

friend who eats only biting

10) Warning: pii ne koi senti vaato nai kare but you know you will end up talking about your love life and breakups

Pi ne koi pan Chokri ane Love ni vaato na karta

11) And now it’s time to say cheers, You will always hear different cheers pronunciation. “Chers”, “Chirs” “Chairs”. Ala cheers karia vagar aaj chalu kari didu, aau na chale.

cheers to life and friendship

12) The most common dialogue, capacity pramane j pijo, pi ne lavara and ulti nai karta

pi ne lavara and ulti nai karta

13) pidha pachi bike toh huj chalavis, hu tight nathi

pidha pachi toh bike huj chalavis

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