7 Reasons Why Living In Auckland Is Awesome


Auckland is one of the most largest and populous urban area in New Zealand. Auckland is one of the best place to live in New Zealand because you get a lot of different choices like Sports, Entertainment, Education and many more.  The University of Auckland is ranked one of the most valuable educational institution in New Zealand and two timesAuckland has been ranked best city to live in New Zealand. Today we have 7 Reasons Why Living In Auckland Is Awesome.

1) Auckland Is Beautiful

Auckland is beautiful

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Auckland is the most prettiest city in Newzealand with a lot of tall buildings and greenery. The North Shore  is a must visit for everyone who visits Auckland because of it’s beautiful beaches.

2) People of Auckland are fun loving

friends are an investment choose them visely

Hanging out with Auckland people will never make you feel bored, they will always have something to speak and crack jokes at. Don’t forget their hearts are as big as their houses.

3) EFTPOS CARD is a life saviour

EFTPOS CARD new zealand

People use Eftpos card for most purchases because you can buy anything from a minimum amount to a costly thing. Life becomes easy when you use this amazing card. You don’t need to carry cash everywhere you go.

4) Food 

vadodara street food

The food in Auckland is very tasty, From cafes to high profile restaurant, Auckland has got it all. If you are in this beautiful city then you should visit Bolaven 597 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden or Catroux cafe  29 West End Rd, Westmere and many more.

5) Climate is Always pleasant

climate in auckland

Auckland has a subtropical climate with humid, warm summers and damp, mild winters. The climate is just perfect.

6) Sports

rugby most famous sports in new zealand

Cricket, rugby league, football, Rugby union are widely played and followed. In Auckland there are considerable number of cricket ground, rugby union and venues for motorsports, tennis, basketball, rugby league.

7) Safe

vadodara safest city in india

Auckland is one of the safest city in New zealand. You don’t need to worry about crime like theft, assault, and violent in this city. You can roam around on the streets at night without any fear.

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